Adam Korynta - Music Instructor





Adam Korynta is a part-time private music tutor in trombone/euphonium and piano. He has been teaching music for over seven years and has studied music for almost 20. He graduated from the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music where he earned a B.A. in Music Performance for the trombone studying under the great James Miller of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. While studying at UCLA he learned programming. Upon graduation, he started working for Resource Management Associates, a water engineering firm, as a programmer. Outside of his full time job, he teaches private lessons in the Yolo and Solano county areas. 






Adam teaches trombone and euphonium from his home studio in Davis, CA. Lessons are comprised of solo repertoire study and heavy emphasis on proper slide technique, scales, and sound production. Younger students will focus on proper breathing through diaphragm control and honing in on the seven slide positions. Older students will begin experimenting with various musical styles through classical and jazz pieces and prepare music and scales for honor band and college auditions. All students will study theory and ear training in order to properly analyze music.

Euphonium players have the added complexity of learning proper valve technique. The euphonium is the conical cousin to the cylindrical trombone and requires a different approach to music style. Emphasis will be placed on lyrical pieces as well as a sharper focus on scales and arpeggios. 


Adam makes house calls for his piano students. Lessons vary between student level, but will always be comprised of an even balance of technique, music theory, and solo repertoire. Piano is the ideal instrument for learning music theory so students will also be required to analyze and study musical scores. Students will have the opportunity to play music that interests them and perform for an audience at a yearly recital.






30-Minute Trombone/Euphonium Lessons


  • Elementary School or less than one year of music experience
  • Basic reading skills

Curriculum :

  • Introduction to music theory
  • Development of proper a proper tonal center
  • Basic ear training
  • Lip flexibility



60-Minute Trombone/Euphonium Lessons


  • Middle/High School Students
  • At least one year of music experience


  • Advanced solo repertoire
  • Intensive scale studies
  • Chamber ensemble study
  • Audition preparation 





30-Minute Piano lessons


  • Basic reading skills
  • Elementary School or less than one year of music experience


  • Reading music
  • Basic scales and arpeggios
  • Proper finger positioning
  • Recital preparation
  • Basic music theory



60-Minute piano lessons


  • Middle/High School Students
  • At least two years of music experience


  • Emphasis on music memorization
  • Intermediate music theory
  • Chord progression studies
  • Thorough scale and arpeggio study
  • Recital preparation